About Us

Stepping Stones Sober Living Homes is the premier provider of affordable sober housing in Austin, Texas. We create and maintain clean, safe and supportive environments that allow our clients the pursuit of a sober life.

Here at Stepping Stones, we strive to provide the best for our clients, because we believe that a safe and happy home is the most basic requirement to leaving a life in addiction behind. We ensure that all of our clients basic needs are met so that they can focus their energy on other aspects of life, such as obtaining employment and progressing in their recovery. That is why we provide household supplies such as: toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and fabric softener, and many others.

All appliances are kept in good, working order. Each house is also provided with small appliances (coffee maker, toaster, crock pot, blender) as well as a shared computer with full copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities. Each house also has wi-fi and Netflix available. All of this, and utilities are included as part of the client fee.

Our Mission

To provide safe, clean, and affordable sober homes to those who wish to live their lives in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

We believe all who suffer from addiction and want to change their lives should have the chance to do so.

Our Vision

To see our clients succeed and move forward in life rather than staying trapped in their old habits.

Why Sober Living?

Many people wonder why they should go to a sober living home. The fact is that sober living homes provide the kind of supportive environment that you're not likely to find in the home you came from. In sober living, you'll be sharing a home with other alcoholics and drugs addicts in recovery who are facing the same struggles as you and know what it's like. You'll have the freedom and responsibilities that come with everyday life, and also the support and accountability that comes with living in these structured environments.

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